Road Infrastructure

Distribution Cabinet Type 2

Logix Engineering Pty Ltd VR Range of Distribution Cabinets have been developed to comply with the stringent requirements of VicRoads specification TCS 043-A-2014.

The Type 2 distribution cabinet is a single phase 240v 50hz metered switchboard suitable for installation where metering of traffic signals, variable message and variable speed signs and similar single phase equipment is required.

Type Approval

Meter Panel (Single Phase)
Switchgear Section
Inner Cover
Cable Zone
Main Switch
Sub Main MCB
Maintenance GPO
Schedule Holder

VicRoads Electrical Distribution Cabinets Type 1, 2 & 3
Description Part Number Height Width Depth
Distribution Cabinet Type 1 VR-EDC-T1 1630mm 850mm 350mm
Distribution Cabinet Type 2 VR-EDC-T2 1200mm 500mm 275mm
Distribution Cabinet Type 3 VR-EDC-T3 1630mm 850mm 350mm

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Concrete Plinth

To suit ITCS and ITDS Enclosure ranges

This new plinth enables the enclosure to be fitted flat on the mounting surface without overhangs on the front and rear.

The flat mounting surface is 1200 mm wide x 650 mm deep with stainless steel threaded inserts as close to the enclosure side as possible. This ensures maximum stability when the enclosure is bolted down using the recommended fixing points.

Cable /conduct entry is provided through a 420 mm x 430 mm central cavity ensuring the maximum number of conduits can be fitted through the plinth.

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